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The guided tours are available from Monday to Friday only for organized groups of over 10 people, and only after prior reservation via e-mail:

Maximum number of visitors per group: 25.



Did you know that the Kościuszko Mound in Krakow is the first monument in the world erected in honor of Tadeusz Kościuszko? Or maybe you know why it was built on the Sikornik hill in the form of a mound? How much do you know about Tadeusz Kościuszko? If you want to get to know it really well, take advantage of our new service and buy a ticket for a guided tour.

Each of us has heard about Kościuszko, but not everyone knows how special he was. You will get to know the extraordinary life of general Kościuszko thanks to the exhibition “Kościuszko – a Hero for Our Times” available at Kościuszko Mound in Krakow. This modern, interactive and multimedia exhibition presents the fate of our hero in an interesting way, from his childhood until his death in Solothurn. At the exhibition, you will learn where young Tadeusz studied, what ideals he believed in. You will see his achievements during the War of Independence of the United States or what made him become the Leader of the insurrection?

We will tell you all this and much more during the guided tour through the exhibition, so that you can get to know better the man whose philosophy of life was far ahead of the times in which he lived. After visiting the exhibition, we want you to be able to answer the following questions: is Kościuszko still needed and why?

For the youngest tourists, we have prepared a special children’s route, which allows them to get to know Tadeusz through interactive and engaging elements, such as games, labyrinths, postcards, and drawing boards.

On the way to the Mound, our guides will also introduce you to the history of its construction and the secrets of the Austrian fortifications surrounding the Mound.

The culmination will be the entrance to the 34-meter-high Mound and a look at the wonderful panorama of Krakow.

After leaving the Mound, you may take a little brake while enjoying delicious coffee, ice cream and desserts available in our cafe. At the exit from the Mound, just behind the fortress wall, we have prepared an interesting attraction for children – a colourful playground with the Kościuszko Tower.


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