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Kościuszko library
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Kościuszko library

Thanks to the efforts of the Kościuszko Mound Committee, the Kościuszko Library is being created in Krakow – an unique collection of books, including editions from the 1820s.

The committee acquired 1.5 thousand books, which – after ordering and conservation – will be put into the glass cases in the rebuilt part of Fort No. 2 “Kościuszko”. The new rooms will also function as a reading rooms in which books from the Kościuszko Library will be available for readers.

The new collection was divided into three categories: books published until 1945, those published after 1945 and foreign-language editions. Around 500 books are copies published in the years 1821-1945. Among them are not only rare items found on the antique market, but also distinguished by the binding and iconographies typical for 19th century publications visible on their pages. A large part of the collection are brochures, which due to the “fleeting” nature of such publications (highly perishable), are a rare source of information.

The Kościuszko Library is an invaluable collection that is almost a complete set of books on the subject of the Kościuszko Insurrection and Tadeusz Kościuszko himself. It is also a fully ready set for research on the Kościuszko bibliography.

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