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Save the Mound
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Save the Mound

Kościuszko Mound has existed since 1823, in is one of Poland’s oldest national monuments, the result of the common effort of Poles who wished to revere the memory of the Supreme Commander. The construction of the Mound was made possible by the dedication of citizens, and care for the Mound was undertaken by the Kościuszko Mound Committee, which still today stand guard at this national memorial. Read more about the history of the Mound.

In 1997, after torrential rains, a catastrophe occurred at the Mound. For several years it was closed to tourist traffic. Between 1999 and 2002, extensive reconstruction works were undertaken using innovative methods and technologies.

In 2010, after further torrential rains, the path on the south side of the Mound collapsed. Expert analysis revealed that not all of the technological solutions applied during the reconstruction works were adequate for the job at hand. In 2012, for the first time ever, geological studies were conducted on Kościuszko Mound and the Hill of the Blessed St. Bronisława, combined with the installation of a modern monitoring system, intended to ensure constant monitoring of the processes taking place within the Mound.

Today, Kościuszko Mound is accessible to visitors, and its maintenance is funded almost entirely by revenues from ticket sales. The running costs of the geological monitoring system and other essential works on the buildings and other structures average around 200,000 PLN annually.

The monitoring sensors show that the Mound is slowly leaning and collapsing. If severe weather conditions occur again, the results of all of the costly reconstruction and securing works conducted so far could be destroyed in an instant.  To avoid such a catastrophe, it is essential to carry out preventive measures. The Kościuszko Mound Committee has undertaken efforts to obtain funding for the securing of the structure. But to obtain this external funding, it is necessary to have financial resources to guarantee continuity of repair works at the Mound.

The Kościuszko Mound Committee in Kraków appeals to institutions and individuals who can provide assistance with finances and with the renovation works for help in saving this memorial of national significance, one of the most important symbols of Kraków, of Poland, and of the Solidarity of Nations for the Good of Mankind.

Financial support may be sent to the Kościuszko Mound Committee in Kraków bank account:

1115 0014 8712 1480 0132 4800 00

Help save the Kościuszko Mound!

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