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10.06.1979/Masses of John Paul II on Krakow Błonie
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10.06.1979/Masses of John Paul II on Krakow Błonie

The Błonie witnessed many memorable events with the Mound in the background. But one of them is especially worth mentioning. The papal Mass at the end of the visit of John Paul II to his homeland in June 1979. Never in the one-thousand year history of the Polish nation has that many people gathered in a single place. The pope looked at us from the altar, saw the Wawel hill and Kościuszko Mound and spoke to us. We, placed between that testament to Polish history, Wawel, and the symbol of independence, the Mound, listened. Two million there were and yet we could only hear his voice and the birds.  Let’s recall his last words: “Allow me to take a look at Krakow, before I leave[…] – and I will look at Poland from here. Before I leave, I ask you to accept this spiritual heritage that is called “Poland”, with faith, hope and love – the same as planted in us by Christ in the holy baptism – so that you never doubt, never be weary, nor discouraged – so that you do not cut the roost we all come from”. Solidarity started in a year.

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