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19.07.1820/Resolution to Create the Tomb of Kościuszko
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19.07.1820/Resolution to Create the Tomb of Kościuszko

The nation has decided to commemorate Kościuszko with a simple yet lasting monument. By the resolution of the Senate of the Republic of Krakow it was decided to raise a symbolic tomb as a monument to Kościuszko from home soil and native rocks, in tune with other mounds in Krakow, Krak and Wanda’s. The resolution was approved by the Ruling Senate of the Free City of Krakow on 19th of July 1820. The place for this fortuitous undertaking was to be the hill of Blessed Bronisława, also called Sikornik, to the west of Krakow, in Zwierzyniec. A small chapel built at the beginning of the 18th century stood there. Dedicated to the Blessed Bronisława, who left the monastery in Zwierzyniec and lived like a hermit there. The land was gifted by the Norbertine nuns from Zwierzyniec.

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