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2000/Restoration Process 2000-2003
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2000/Restoration Process 2000-2003

In this way, thanks to many who contributed, the Mound was rebuilt in the the years 2000-03. The top 9 m had to be removed since it has completely separated from the rest. It had to be removed and rebuilt. For some time it necessitated the removal of the Mound from the panorama of Krakow, which was felt dearly by its inhabitants.

State-of-the-art geotechnology was utilised in repair works with the most modern materials that have already been tested in seismic and landslide conditions, as the contractors assure. The Mound received a dehydration system, various forms of insulation, and illumination of the paths and the top (right now not complete). Therefore the restored Kosciusko Mound is a modern geotechnical construction, while retaining its historic nature since it has been rebuild from the same soil as before. We must hope it will remain more resistant to nature and will still be a symbol for future generations.

Kościuszko Mound, with its dominant position over Krakow and its place in the topography of the city, had to be rebuilt. The cost of reconstructing totalled to 14.666.000 PLN. The money was mostly granted by the state and from the National Monument Renovation Fund. The restoration was also helped by humble donations from the citizens (around 200.000 PLN), PKO BP SA 100.000 PLN, Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. 50.000 PLN and the city of Krakow 500.000 PLN.

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