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04.07.1926/Placing soil from the US battlefields in Mound
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04.07.1926/Placing soil from the US battlefields in Mound

On the 4th of July1926, in the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence an American delegation placed at the peek of the Mound soil from the battlefields of the War of Independence as a testament to Kościuszko’s contribution to that fight. This added new meaning to the Mound, as it was now present not only in Polish tradition, but the whole World’s. In 1926 soil from Mound was taken to be placed under the monument to Kościuszko in Hudson, in 1928 under the monument to Mickiewicz in Paris, in 1932 under the monument of president Wilson, a great proponent of independent Poland, in Washington, in 1934 under the Mound of Joseph Piłsudski, which just began construction in Sowiniec. This affirms the value of the soil from which the Mound was made.

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