Kościuszko in verse


As part of the celebrations of the 221st anniversary of the Kościuszko's Uprising we invite you to attend a meeting with dr Leszek Marek Krześniak, president of the Polish Kościuszko Foundation in Warsaw, who will promote the book titled:

Maria Konopnicka o Tadeuszu Kościuszce i Insurekcji wierszem (Maria Konopnicka on Tadeusz Kościuszko and the Urpising - in verse)

Time:  24th of March 2015, 13.00

Place:  T. Kościuszko Conference and Exhibition Centre at the Kościuszko Mound in Krakow

The book contains poems of Maria Konopnicka. The poems were first published under the pseudonym Jan Sawa in 1904 in Krakow, as part of the “Śpiewnik historyczny” (“Historic songbook”). The modern edition contains only the poems dedicated to Kościuszko and his times, especially the ones which documented the trials and progress of Kościuszko's Uprising. The selection, edition and footnotes were made by dr Leszek Marek Krześniak. Each poem is illustrated by Grażyna Kostawska or Piotr Szałkowski. The book also contains an essay " Tadeusz Kościuszko w poezji Marii Konopnickiej" (“Tadeusz Kościuszko in the poetry of Maria Konopnicka”) written by Longina Ordon.

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