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Tribute to Kosciuszko: A Friend of Humanity

Kosciuszko Bicentenary International Competition

Press Release No 1 

A wonderful opportunity for Lovers of Liberty and Equal Rights to participate in the 2017 Australian Celebrations of the Polish Parliament Proclaimed and UNESCO sanctioned “KOSCIUSZKO BICENTENNIAL”, honouring the 200th Anniversary of Thaddeus Kosciuszko’s passing.


Kosciuszko Heritage Inc (Sydney) together with The Kosciuszko Mound Committee (Krakow), The Kosciuszko Foundation (New York) and The Polish Kosciuszko Foundation (Warsaw), in honour of A Friend of Humanity announces an international competition in music, literature and graphic arts.

More than AUD $10,000 in prize money is on offer!

MUSIC competition for previously unpublished songs or musical compositions (e.g. elegies, hymns, ballads, melorecitations, raps or satires) in English or Polish.

GRAPHIC ARTS competition for original portraits, paintings, genre scenes, sketches, cartoons, caricatures, collages, memes, logos and posters – all in digital form.

LITERATURE competition for original stories and poems in English or Polish, of 1000 words or less

A Fantastic Chance to apply and express Your Creative Abilities at an International Level.

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The competition opens on February 4, 2017 (Kosciuszko’s birthday) and will close on July, 31, 2017. The results will be revealed in Sydney on October 3, 2017, during a gala event.


The competition is open to individuals in two age categories:adults; and high school students (aged 12 to 18).


Each entrant may submit up to 3 works, each with a separate Entry Form, under the condition that they depict 3 different episodes of Kosciuszko’s life.


A recommended bibliography, topical iconography along with a list of suggested topics and links to competition background notes, are available on the official website:


The creators of the best works will receive a commemorative DVD, comprising a selection of the submitted works. The commemorative DVD will be distributed to relevant media outlets and to Polish community organisations and clubs around the world; all winning works will be published on the internet. 


Special awards: “First past the post”. The online magazine Puls Polonii will publish the first quality work submitted in the category of music, graphic arts or literature.The People’s Choice Award. Graphic works submitted between March 1 and May 30, 2017, will be exhibited in Polish Clubs around Australia, and will compete for the People’s Choice Award.

We urge other Polish communities around the world to organise similar exhibitions; the purpose of this plebiscite is to promote the Year of Kosciuszko, especially during its first half. 

An International Jury Panel of 14 experts has been assembled from Poland, Australia and USA. The Panel is chaired by Prof. Alex Storożyński (U.S.A.), author of the book about  Kosciuszko “The Peasant Princ”e , a Pulitzer Prize winner;  President Emeritus & Chairman of the Board of The Kosciuszko Foundation, and Polish Chair of the Central European Ins titute at Quinnipiac University.



Competition Coordinator:

Ernestyna Skurjat-Kozek


612-9484 1740


Full text of Competition Guidelines  and Entry Form can be found on http://www.kosciuszkoheritage.com/200



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