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Kościuszko exhibition
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Kościuszko exhibition

Exhibition „Kosciuszko – a hero still neded” is a story about an universal, timeless, great hero. It is a multimedia and interactive history about “Hector” of Polish national and state affairs, a transcontinental defender of freedom, international authority and a symbol of steadfastness, about a friend of humanity, also of that it part which remained in colonial captivity, outside the borders of humanity, a man who subordinated his private happiness to the service. About the symbol of the continuity of the Polish state and nation.

The exhibition is narrative. Its essence is a story which, referring to knowledge, reason and senses, using artifacts as “actors”, draws the viewer into the world of the hero. Instead of traditional showcases, visitors will find elements of a movie, theater or a computer game. Original artifacts, witnesses of the hero’s life, play a dominant role.

The story drives the viewer successively through the chambers of the young hero’s initiation into life, the personal drama of unfulfilled youthful love, a trip to America and the Civil War, which makes a lad a mature, well-known man. The next scenes were built around the hero’s participation in the war with Russia in 1792. It is a fight that makes a man a hero, a famous and worshiped person. The culmination point is the oath on the Krakow Main Market on March 24, 1794 and taking the command of the uprising.

Tadeusz Kościuszko in the national tradition became a figure surrounded by a nimbus of holiness. This made him monumental, incomprehensible  covered in bronze and patina. Aim of this exhibition is to build again a living creature, human, current, attractive and contemporary character. The last part of the story is to encourage to update a character of a hero for the needs of the present day. The aim of the exhibition is to recognize the role that Kosciuszko’s heritage can play in modern times. The exhibition is therefore based on the past, but directed towards the present.

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