Presidents of Comitee

1984 – 1992 Wojciech Maria Bartel

WOJCIECH MARIA BARTEL,  (27 XII 1923 Kraków – 2 IX 1992 Kraków), historian and lawyer; fought in the September Campaign 1939; 1945-49 studied law on the JU, then went to work in the Faculty of Law and State History; since 1971 a lecturer on the Papal Theological Faculty(transformed into PAT in 1981); since 1977 a professor of the JU; since 1983 headed the Office of Canon Law there, 1981-1987 Dean of the Faculty of Law on the JU; restarted the Faculty of Canon Law on the JU in 1991; since 1957 member of Polish History Association, 1963-64 its secretary, then vice-president; since 1963 in the TMHiZK, since 1984 a president of the Kosciuszko Mound Committee; since 1992 member of PAU; researched the history of state and canon law, an expert on the history of Krakow (esp. the Republic of Krakow) and Galicial; author of around 150 scientific papers; in 1991 took part in the KBWE Krakow Symposium as a delegate of the the Vatican; buried on the Rakowice Cemetary.

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