Presidents of Comitee

1951 – 1984 Karol Estreicher

Also known as Dominik Węgierski (4 III 1906 Kraków – 29 IV 1984 tamże), son of Stanisław, grandson of Karol Józef Teofil, art historian, bibliographer, author; studied art history on the JU; since 1932 worked there in the department of Art History; since 1952 a professor on the JU; fought in the September Campaign in 1939, general secretary of W. Sikorski; since 1941 manager of the Polish Cultural Heritage Restitution Office in London; after World War 2 found and returned many works of art taken by the Germans from Poland (e.g. he found the Altar of Wit Stwosz in 1946, the treasury of the JU, paintings form the Czartoryski Museum); organised the collection in the renovated (per his idea) Collegium Maius of the JA, 1946-76 director of the JU Museum; co-author of the Office of Carvings in the PAU; 1962-76 manager of the Interdisciplinary Office of Polish Bibliography of the 19th century on the JU; since 1954 president of the Enthusiasts of Fine Art Association; researched Medieval and Renaissance art; author of: e.g. Miniatury Kodeksu Behema (1933), Cultural Losses of Poland (1944), Grobowiec Władysława Jagiełły (1953), Collegium Maius (1968), Leon Chwistek (1968), Historia sztuki w zarysie (10 editions, last one in 1990), continued his father's work by publishing Polish Bibliography ( 1 t. 34 1951 and re-edition t. 1-14, 1957-89); translated and edited the biographies of the greatest painters, sculptors and architects by G. Vasari (t. 1-7 1985-88), and N. Machiavell's Florentine Histories (1990); worked with A. Bruckner on the Old-polish Encyclopedia (1936—38); author of: Nie od razu Kraków zbudowano (1947), Krystiana (1957); since 1966 edited the „Rocznik Krakowski”; one the co-signers of the List of 34 (1964); 1954 awarded by the National City Council in Krakow for the preservation of Krakow's monuments, in 1957 awarded the Commander's Cross of Polonia Restituta; buried in the Rakowice Cemetary

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