Presidents of Comitee

1936 – 1951 Karol Rolle

KAROL ROLLE,  (1 IV 1871 Kamieniec Podolski – 28 XI 1954 Kraków), political and economic activist, engineer of ceramics; 1889-94 he studied Chemistry at the Lviv University of Technology; 1899 moved to Podgórze; 1900-14 worked there at a ceramic school; 1901-14 editor of „Przegląd Ceramiczny” (1905-14 together with W. Poturalskim); 1908 member of the City Council of Podgórze by recommendation of Polskiego Stronnictwa Demokratycznego (Polish Democratic Party); worked with J. Leo in joining Podgórze and Kraków (1915); 1916-33 member of the Krakow City Council; 1916-26 3rd vice-president of Krakow; 1926-31 President of Krakow, worked to improve the conditions of cultural institutions (esp. Museums), supported charities; 1928-38 senator to the Polish Parliament nominated by BBWR; 1922 member of Board of the first Polish Radio in Krakow; 1924-28 president of the Krakow's branch of ZHP (Polish Scouts); 1925- 46 member of the ruling body of TMHiZK (honorary member since 1947); 1921-35 member of the Marksmen's Association in Krakow, IX-XII 1939 imprisoned by the Germans at ul. Montelupich; after 1945 worked with the Polish Biographical Dictionary; decorated by the Officer's Cross of Polonia Restituta. 

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