Presidents of Comitee

1884 – 1917 Stanisław Tarnowski

A count (7 XI 1837 Dzików k. Tarnobrzega – 31 XII 1917 Kraków), a historian and literary critic, political activist and an author; 1854-60 studied law and philosophy at JU and in Vienna; during the January Uprising was involved with the 'whites', 1864-65 imprisoned by the Austrian authorities, a leader of the conservative movement, 1866 co-founder (with L. Wodzicki, S. Koźmian and J. Szujski) of „Przegląd Polski”, co-author of Teki Stańczyka [Stanczyk's File]  (1869); co-owner of „Czas” (“Time”) since 1870; an MP to the Country Sejm since 1867, since 1885 a member to Vienna's House of Lords; 1871-1909 professor on the JU, he taught: J. Kallenbach, K. Przerwa-Tetmajer, L. Rydel, S. Windakiewicz; 1882-83 Dean of the Philosophy Faculty, 1886-87 and 1899-1900 president of the JU; since 1873 member of Academy of Abilities, 1883-90 General Secretary, 1890-1917 president of the Academy, criticized literature from a moral and patriotic standpoint, opposed the modernists; author of many works from the fields of Polish literature in the XVI-XIX century.

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