The Fortress and the City 1846-1918

This presentation is located in the South Caponier of Fort 2 “Kościuszko”.

It is the first of its kind in Krakow. You can visit it in the restored and excavated Austrian cisterns used to store rainwater for the defenders.

This presentation shows the history of the Krakow Fortress created around Krakow by one partitioner of Poland – Austria – to defend against another – Russia.

In the extremely mood setting insides of the Caponier we can familiarise ourselves with all of the Fortress' topography and the exquisite dioramas which will illustrate, among many, the Battle of Krakow in 1914. We can take a peek at actual front lines, by entering a made to scale trenches which are located next to the full size replica of the M-11 mortar, “Thin Emma”. Two wax figures welcome us in, that of Feliks Księżarski and Kamil Gołogórski. Two architects from Krakow, who were among the first Poles to work on the Fortress' construction.

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You can enter the Mound between 9:00 and 20:30 today. ×