Polish Road to Freedom

Located in the South Caponier of Fort 2 "Kościuszko"

The nature of this collection is best explained by its name: "Polish Road to Freedom". This is the only place, where you can meet the most prominent Poles at the same time. People who fought for their freedom not only by strength of arms. Realistic wax figures are dressed appropriately to their time period (some of them have been donated by Słowacki Theatre and are over a hundred years old) and are posed in such a way as to capture interest.

Among the soldiers you can meet General Józef Dąbrowski (who was immortalized in the Song of the Polish Legions – Polish national anthem), an anonymous exile to Siberia  after the disaster of the January Uprising, Bartosz Głowacki seen here during the Battle of Racławice and the Marshall Józef Piłsudski.

Adam Mickiewicz of course had to be included among those who fought by pen, here seen in the Grand Polish Library in Paris during the Great Emigration, another great writer is Henryk Śienkiewicz sitting in his office.  Next to them, Fryderyk Chopin, whose wonderful music lifted the spirits of the Polish people and standing by the easel, the great painter, Jan Matejko. We will also meet a great politician, the first Prime Minister of Poland, who was also a world-renowned pianist, Ignacy Paderewski.

We will be greeted by John Paul the Second, while Sister Faustina, canonised by him prays nearby.

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